In Sales? DON’T say this…


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FREE, as promised in my radio interview…

Download “Survival Speech,” the book (let)
Help yourself to 32 pages of tips, techniques, and several SLIGHTLY-sneaky tricks…critical communication skills for the way things are now. [PDF]

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OOPS. Did you “over-share” on Social Media?

WABCHear:Digital Do’s & Don’ts, common Email & Social Media mistakes to avoid, on “The Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith,” on WABC.

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Use verbs? PLEASE?

When I checked-in, I asked the hotel desk clerk, and he couldn’t tell me what item #2 means.

smokingWhich do YOU think is the case?
A.) There are NO rooms in-which you are allowed to smoke, OR…
B.) There are rooms available in-which you MAY smoke?

(We’ll never know, because I don’t smoke, and the desk clerk apologized “I’m new.”)

Verb omission is common in radio news.
Here’s an example, from a station in Texas, a story about a love triangle shooting. Listeners heard:

“The woman’s husband arrested the wounded man taken to the hospital.”

Here are the facts the writer obscured:
• Police arrested the woman’s husband, the accused shooter.
• The person he shot was hospitalized.

As-is, the ear was told something different when half-sentences ran-together.

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“OOPS” abbreviation? Product review? Both?


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THAT’S a message that cuts-through-the-clutter!

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How NOT to annoy people you call today?

How to avoid what might be THE-most-annoying, most-common phone faux pas?
HC explains, on the KDWN/Las Vegas Heidi Harris Show.

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