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OOPS. Did you “over-share” on Social Media?

WABCHear:Digital Do’s & Don’ts, common Email & Social Media mistakes to avoid, on “The Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith,” on WABC.

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Use verbs? PLEASE?

When I checked-in, I asked the hotel desk clerk, and he couldn’t tell me what item #2 means.

smokingWhich do YOU think is the case?
A.) There are NO rooms in-which you are allowed to smoke, OR…
B.) There are rooms available in-which you MAY smoke?

(We’ll never know, because I don’t smoke, and the desk clerk apologized “I’m new.”)

Verb omission is common in radio news.
Here’s an example, from a station in Texas, a story about a love triangle shooting. Listeners heard:

“The woman’s husband arrested the wounded man taken to the hospital.”

Here are the facts the writer obscured:
• Police arrested the woman’s husband, the accused shooter.
• The person he shot was hospitalized.

As-is, the ear was told something different when half-sentences ran-together.

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“OOPS” abbreviation? Product review? Both?


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THAT’S a message that cuts-through-the-clutter!

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How NOT to annoy people you call today?

How to avoid what might be THE-most-annoying, most-common phone faux pas?
HC explains, on the KDWN/Las Vegas Heidi Harris Show.

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Social Media Horror Stories

Chapstick social media faux pasBlogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be powerful marketing tools…or damaging to brands that misunderstand social media.

Read about the “Where do lost Chapsticks go?” faux pas and two other case studies.

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