Avoid committing THE rudest, most common gaffe.

John  Tesh“Unless you have children or you’re waiting for news about a liver transplant,” John Tesh says “it’s too tempting to keep checking who is calling each time it rings, and your date might just think it’s another man or woman. Same thing goes for your BlackBerry.
It’s disrespectful to divide your attention between the person in front of you and a beeping little piece of plastic. It also says, ‘You’re only semi-important to me.’”

And puh-LEEEZ…
Listen to your voicemail before returning calls.
Does your wireless phone send calls you didn’t answer into voicemail? Does it list phone numbers of calls you missed? If so, DON’T call-back callers-you-missed until you have first listened to your voicemail.
Otherwise, you frustrate them, asking them to repeat a message they just left, as your voicemail greeting instructed them to, which you didn’t bother listening to.
If you’re a job applicant, this-alone could be a deal killer. There are few things you can convey that are as-fundamentally-maddening-as, “I didn’t hear you.”

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