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How NOT to annoy people you call today?

How to avoid what might be THE-most-annoying, most-common phone faux pas? HC explains, on the KDWN/Las Vegas Heidi Harris Show. Advertisements

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Social Media Horror Stories

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be powerful marketing tools…or damaging to brands that misunderstand social media. Read about the “Where do lost Chapsticks go?” faux pas and two other case studies.

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Looking for work? First, exhale…

The person interviewing you may be more nervous than you are! HC explains why, on Dick Heatherton’s “Success Again” show: [MORE tips for job-seekers]

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And the winner is…YOU!

In a nutshell, all of this Survival Speech lore is about sticking-out, in a world where much of what’s said simply blends-in. And “speech” isn’t just verbal. In various other ways you express yourself, seeming-different will advantage you. Remember that … Continue reading

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Avoid committing THE rudest, most common gaffe.

“Unless you have children or you’re waiting for news about a liver transplant,” John Tesh says “it’s too tempting to keep checking who is calling each time it rings, and your date might just think it’s another man or woman. … Continue reading

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Are YOU cutting through the clutter?

You’re talking, but are you communicating? This has always been the difference between successful people and everybody else. Then came the recession. Now, the stakes are too high, and the margin for error is too low. How critical are your … Continue reading

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