“As mentioned on radio”

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For everyone else…

Something you may have heard me talk about on radio recently: how to complain effectively, when you have been mishandled as a customer.

road warrior stranded in airport

“Mishandled” is actually a term in the airline industry. It refers to a passenger who as been sufficiently-wronged that the airline is offering compensation of some sort. Such compensation CAN be generous, as you will read in a document I offered, FREE, during my radio interview.

Even if you didn’t hear me on radio, help yourself to the actual complaint letter I sent the CEO of a major airline…and not-one-but-TWO replies I received, from two different levels of The Apology Department, along with gracious, generous restitution.

For your copy, simply send an Email — even a blank one will do — to airbeef@hollandcooke.com. Moments later, my E-robot will reply.

AND IF, rather than sending a blank Email, you’d like to share YOUR story of effective complaining, do tell! I may post it at http://www.SurvivalSpeech.com and/or use it in my book.

Remember The Survival Speech Manifesto: “The answer ‘no’ is a break-even.”

Reader Comment:

Mr Cooke,

I just read your letter and it reminded me of a incident I had a few years back.

I was standing in line at the gate service counter for a flight that had been delayed (3 hrs) do to mechanical issues with the aircraft (flat tire). The customer ahead of me was VERY rude to the counter person including the use of foul language. Needless to say the customer was politely told their was nothing the airline could do and sent on his way to wait.

When I got up to the counter, I looked the counter person in the eye and sincerely apologized for the jerk that was ahead of me. I recognized that she did not have any control with what happens to the plane. I explained that although I had originally had a long layover at the next airport, it was getting to the point that I was starting to worry about making my next flight.

The young lady looked in the computer and informed me that I should make the connection. She then informed me that she had upgraded my ticket to business class on this flight and first class on the next.

Just goes to prove that being nice is always better then being rude.

Charles Falk


3 Responses to “As mentioned on radio”

  1. dennis says:

    heard you on the Alan Handelman Show

  2. Tanya Coleman says:

    Thank you for being on the Allan Handelman show. Great Advice to the callers. Please come back again.

  3. Steve says:

    I wish they would put you on the radio instead of that jerk Michael Savage who comes on that station at 7pm. You do a great job and it was a real treat listening to you today!!

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